Overworld (Working title)

There I was, poised to take on the challenge of yet another grueling, epic massively multiplayer RPG, all the lashings of lessons learned over the years to be realized anew in classic, grid-bound fashion. When who should intervene but my oldest compadre, the illustrious (and illustrative) Santiago Díaz González:

“ Have you ever contemplated making a cozy little downloadable game and putting it up for, what? a dollar or three? ”

Santi prepares himself

One and a half years later, here I am with the barest bones of an infinitely expandable RPG universe that adheres to my core tenets of substance over form, and rock-solid game mechanics. It’s just beginning to truly amuse, the needle is creeping up all the time. The best part is, it’s highly replayable and I’m honestly excited to see what I have time to get done next, give the quests another whirl.

Overworld (working title) is a game about decisions. Unlike most classical roguelikes however, those decisions are happily constrained, and do not branch in enough abundance to make a Go board blush. It draws inspiration from a long romance with tactical roleplaying, all the way back to small times on an old Apple II with 514 inch floppies that had to be manually formatted.

Early screen 01
Early screenshot – Our hero discovers a small cave by a lake

Ah, those were the days.

Stay tuned as I gather resources and join forces with a fellow engineer specializing in front-end development to prepare this little gem for our booth at EGLX 2016. Hope to see you there! Either way, check back here for updates, and one day sooner than never, beta testing!