Cat Lady! Snorkel! Huts! OVERWORLD!!!

Creatures can now spawn other creatures. Spawning has been generalized to filter on status (hidden), locale (hero adjacent), pattern (of attacking and spawning), and other parameters. Wolves can spawn other […]

Added a two new items and three new souls. The scythe fills a niche in the current weapons. It’s basically becoming the axe (damaging cleave), which is becoming the mace […]

There’s now a village with a monster in the center. This is the “Godzilla” quest. Godzilla is currently a wolf, but this could scale up with difficulty. The monster gets […]

Put the game in a more realistic play mode, where creatures do full damage and terrain defenses are in effect, some other minor changes. This was for a modest play […]

Started on a new type of quest, this one I’m calling “regional”, because it takes up significant area on an open world map. Walking due south of the origin you’ll […]

  Found the most understandable way I could of expressing the desire to return an array of points, composing a path between two Cartesian points, where the path is traversed […]

Continued work on the router. I have settled on what I consider a good solution to the problem of finding interesting quest routes. 1. Points in a circular band of […]

Made a function to filter for desired positions on criteria like distance from a point, distance from origin, init status of map/plan, etc. Broke the filter logic I had in […]

A decoupled the decision of what tiles to spawn, and actually spawning them, in the area object. This allows the map to treat each tile separately, running its own reveal […]