October 2015

Fixed some bugs: scroll of wind pushing NPCs, items not going through destroy logic when stolen by beast that leaves the map, thief movement after a steal. Some problems in mount movement […]

Added scroll of time, lets you make 3 moves in a timestopped world. Added scroll of ice, freezes surrounding beasts for 2 turns. Aquatic beasts are slain instantly. Added scroll […]

Added different patterns of weapon attacks, the staff which hits forward and backward, and the flail which hits weakly in all directions. Added pierce, which on an aggressor deducts from […]

Added three new types of food. Fruit is much like veg, with small changes including monkeys eating it. Eggs come from birds and reptiles, snakes and lizards like to eat […]

Some more tweaks to behaviour. Going for desired food now supercedes hiding, but food on untraversable tiles is ignored. Huts now spawn level appropriate humans. (Stupid swordsmen.) Revamped special tile spawns […]