A Gustatory Evening

Added three new types of food. Fruit is much like veg, with small changes including monkeys eating it. Eggs come from birds and reptiles, snakes and lizards like to eat them. Fish (the item) comes only from fish (the beast) and sharks, so will not naturally occur yet (as items on water disappear immediately). Birds, lizards, and other aquatic creatures like to eat fish.

Added the eagle, a strong flyer and egg producer. This replaces the bird in most hates/fears, and the bird has been nerfed a bit.

When tiny creatures are swatted with a net, they no longer drop one coin, instead the coin is added directly to the hero’s inventory. (I’m calling it auto-pickup or similar in my notes.)

If a fish is hit by a hero with a net, the fish is immediately removed as with a swat, but instead of a coin a fish item is received.

Added the rod (as in fishing) item. It allows an instant kill on water-affinity creatures (currently fish, sharks, and octopi), with an automatic bonus similar to the coin received when using a net. Fish and sharks will yield a fish item, while octopi give meat.

Added the abacus, a low level human loot item that goes in the accessory slot and lets you carry 6 coins instead of only 3.

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