Animated Bugs

butterfly_landedbutterfly_animatedI’ve spent my free time for about 3 nights now tracking down one animation bug. Sometimes, butterflies would stop flapping their wings. Butterflies are not supposed to do that, flying creatures have resting turned off (so they never land themselves), and butterflies are non-aggressive creatures, meaning they will never land by themselves. If they were to land for some reason, they would look like the little beggar at the top left of this paragraph. Stark hut to attention! But nay, these glitchy insects (for want of a catchier title) stopped flapping in mid-air, flagrantly violated the laws of physics, appearing frozen as those below. The problem happened to be, that when a view changed its key, it was not changing a key in a container responsible for choosing what to animate. So, there were phantom animation attempts when the entity was offscreen, and the ghost animation would befuddle attempts to re-animate the beast in butterfly_flap1butterfly_flap2question when it arrived back on screen. Glad to have that off my plate, a few more administrative bugs and I can start to handle more interesting animations!

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