also, I beat the alpha for the first time in months!

* walked into a shop in the underworld, and there was a bull in the main concourse!
I moved and it disappeared immediately. Odd though.

I won with magic carpet + plate mail + axe. I got there with a net, and heavy shop use just for food and whatnot.

It’s feeling REALLY balanced, so much that I’m worried to upset the balance with the new items planned: fan, bone, and hat!

also possibly light and heavy shield, though I am worried about those being totally OP 😛

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  1. I figured out the bull thing. So the overworld (and underworld) will continually spawn beasts around its parameter, bringing the number of souls in the world up to an equilibrium. Turns out I just didn’t turn this off for caves, shops, inns, and other “inner” areas, most of which are pre-designed or generated. So I occasionally got critters spawning in these small areas, just most of the time I didn’t even notice.

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