Yeah, I’m here! Uh, come party with me! I saw some nice talks, annnd.. ran into some old friends. Some people let me run an Overworld playtest, which was really […]

Seems like every time I sit down, I notice wacky behaviour. One group of bugs comes up from me treating objects in javascript like associative arrays in php. I keep […]

I am officially an evil spammer! Well, the intent is there. I created a Mail Chimp account, and dumped in the whole list of Battle Mines signups (about 1.6k). I believe […]

To flesh out the site, I retroactively entered all my Overworld development updates, and some select ones from Battle Mines old and new. I was looking for some Game of […]

I actually got up early to work on this a little more, it felt good writing the Experiments page because I haven’t reminisced on those years of work in quite […]

I’ve added static pages for Battle Mines and the current work in development, Overworld. It’s incredibly fun writing simple prose and doing a little page layout, so much easier and […]

Red Asteroid Games now has its own website! Over the next few days I’ll be fleshing it out with content describing our games past, present, and future. I’ll also backfill […]