Content Update. Spoiler alert: Hedgehogs!

New items!

  • Sling: ranged weapon, 0.5 damage, 0.5 pierce
  • Blunderbuss: ranged weapon, cleave, 1 damage, inoperable in water
  • Crossbow: ranged weapon, 0.5 pierce, 2 damage, slow
  • Cornuthaum: hat (protects from air) and glasses (see hidden, find items) in one
  • Scroll of sleep: Puts surrounding creatures to sleep
  • Scroll of love: Tames surrounding creatures
  • Scroll of home: Teleport to heaven

Bow now gets 0.5 pierce to rebalance. And don’t forget this little guy:

Hedgehog: 0.5 hp but regular size, 0.5 pierce, 0.5 damage, 0.5 spikes

Flaunting the new gear

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