Beta Test

Things are starting to cook! We have:

  1. Scalable backend
  2. In-app purchases
  3. Error reporting
  4. Analytics

Most importantly we have a game people say they give a damn about (so far).

We have folded in feedback from several rounds of playtesting, mostly by incentivizing people to submit live first-impression videos. FTUE is improving, learning curve flattening. The menu system is getting attention from actual QAs!

People, I think we have a shot. I am too invested to say otherwise, and enjoy it. It is a legitimate mobile game, and it’s going up in the stores soon!

I just prepared a signup form for beta test! Here it is!

I’ll be pushing this more widely soon. PEACE!

Beta Test

Things are starting to cook! We have: Scalable backend In-app purchases Error reporting Analytics Most importantly we have a game people say they give a damn about (so far). We […]

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