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A mini adventure game easy to play on any device! Explore rich tactical play in short 10 minute sessions. Enjoy steady progress unlocking an army of different heroes, each with unique abilities and style. Overworld is a traditional roguelike designed for accessibility and fun.

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Compact RPG Play
Most role playing games try to cram in large inventories, complex stats, and massive maps. Overworld captures the essential fun of these elements, and distills them into a bite-sized coffee break experience to enjoy anytime, anywhere. You will battle, cast spells, and complete quests all in 10 minutes or less.

Open World Meets Casual
Overworld has a familiar RPG layout with shops, magic, and over a hundred instantly recognizable monsters and items. Explore caves and dungeons, quest for NPCs, tame wild beasts as pets, evade traps and turn them to your advantage. The rules are easy to learn but carry deep tactics and strategic merit. Dialogue is short and snappy. Characters embrace race and gender equality.

Iconic Fantasy Heroes
The game boasts 35 playable heroes (and growing), each demanding a unique approach to complete objectives. Battle your way through as the barbarian or troll. Cast mighty spells with the wizard or sorceress. Sneak past guards playing the assassin or halfling. Appease the gods with the cleric or paladin. Trade and steal as the gnome, leprechaun, or thief. You can even be an undead vampire or zombie, with their own nightmarish tile set! Each adventure has its own reward!

Complete Your Collection
As the game unfolds, you’ll unlock achievements like rare kills, item collections, and taming unique beasts. Each item and creature contains its own challenges, and unlocking new heroes depends on mastering them. We are actively adding fresh content, so expect to have new challenges awaiting you, even as you master old ones.

“Roguelike is a subgenre of RPG games that are characterized by random level generation, turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics, and permanent death of the player-character.” – Wikipedia

Addictive RPG game play, without all the baggage! Can you get past the Gatekeeper?


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