Mid-year Update, 2023

What it do, minimalist turn-based strategy fans.

Time and tide, the clock ticks, the wheel turns. After six months hiatus on a fairly stable build, Overworld 1.18 something or other hit the world like a ton of bricks. And well, whether it was our first major YouTube coverage in the form of one DavionFuxa (to have the pivotal update named after him), or the strength of a 40% quest volume increase (pause for applause), we have seen traffic at least double yes, !! double !! from about 5 daily users to 10, in the past couple of weeks.

I dunno, it’s pretty exciting. The Discord channel is abuzz. I love my hobby!

DavionFuxa’s Let’s Play series, Overworld!

So things are chugging! I think the new quests added a ton to replayability, they include:

  • The tunnel quest (loosely based on the Mines of Moria)
  • The gems quest (watch out for the crazy prospector)
  • The tax quest (to pay for the mayor’s lawn you say? Unbelievable!)
  • The picnic quest (try the bull’s picnic when playing the gnome!)
  • The witch’s quest (eye of frog! Organ of newt!)
Zombie in the tunnel quest

I’m filling this in because it’s been a while, letting the world know this site is alive. I’m actually trying to iron out some pretty ugly bugs at the moment. When your code isn’t deployed for 6 months or more, you’re bound to have some kinks getting the pipeline moving again. For instance I had to upgrade some major version of the Google API to keep publishing, and it’s like blehhhh.. OH, I almost forgot! We launched on itch.io, blog! We did!

I have the next big feature in mind, and the list of requests and possibilities never shrinks! Hit us up for some good times, and take care out there!

Update: After a few rounds of bug fixes and the minor addition of POTIONS, we are now proudly on Overworld v1.23!

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