Mid-Year Update 2024

Howdy roguelike fans, just a brief word to let you know Red Asteroid Games is chugging along. We continue to find time in a busy indie-type schedule to commit updates to the game, and take great cheer in seeing high score replays and replays by DavionFuxa. Many refinements have been made to the game in the past year, including:

  • Full animations for every spell
  • Android billing upgrade

You’re going to have to take my word on that one. I’m talking about:

  • Balancing quests to perfection
  • Coloured backdrops for spell effects
  • New beasts like the gull and items like the onigiri
  • Pain frames for heroes

I can’t list all the improvements here exhaustively, that’s just a sample of what we’ve added. The best way to keep up is on the Discord channel, scroll up for all the news! I also post full release notes to Reddit for posterity!

Retention is up a lot in recent months, which we feel really justifies our commitment to this niche and this game. People are sticking with it to enjoy bite-sized adventure snacks whenever they feel like it, and players are welcome and appreciated. I’ll drop some links and graphics but otherwise keep keeping on, huge shoutouts to influencer DavionFuxa and power gamer Mediumdoge (Spherical), their contributions have been staggering.

Keep on gaming through the apocalypse, pals! Yippee!

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