Have been forgetting to do dev logs.. basically just getting what exists right as rain, and planning to add a new terrain generation system for dungeons, similar to the one […]

Had a fascinating bug where tiles on the edge of a quest area were getting initialized twice. If a creature happened to be pre-spawned by the quest triggering creation of […]

Changed shovel functionality. It still generates swamp if on grass or desert next to water, and water if on swamp next to water. However, if you dig on grass or […]

Some clean up of soul death, both in general and due to environmental factors on a tile. Fixed a bug in cleave, loot drops overriding item tiles, and carrying quest […]

Worked out lots of bugs including class conflict between quests and souls, pathing for quests in the overworld, compass removal on quest completion! Almost back to that sweet sweet let’s […]

Will start keeping a dev log. Today I colourized the world map, and noted creatures on it. This may all change but is currently useful for observing behaviour. I tidied up […]

Everyone now has global chat, but can only use it once per hour. The speaker has unlimited global chat. (Unless he’s a naughty speaker.)