Overworld Dev Log Kickoff

Will start keeping a dev log.

Today I colourized the world map, and noted creatures on it. This may all change but is currently useful for observing behaviour. I tidied up some hero messages, these appear below the interface for now and note what goes on. Will mostly be replaced by animation in the final version. I made it so being attacked will interrupt the hero’s resting, plan to generalize resting for stationary souls. I added random wandering to creatures not actively hunting. This will allow them to occasionally wander off the map, as was previously possible only for chased cats.

Prior to beginning this dev log, I had the basic map and soul structure down. Terrain was generated using well-defined (though not yet balanced) rules, and terrain causing a struggle (swamps and hills) did so properly. Cats (first creature) and dogs existed, the latter able to attack and cause the former to flee off the map. Both would chase the hero, smart and stupid movement AI was complete. Reflexes, awareness, and forgetfulness worked. HP and basic attacks were complete. The hero could heal. Spawning was basically a rote placeholder.

Temporary art, rendering, and interface elements were in place.

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