November 2015

Changed shovel functionality. It still generates swamp if on grass or desert next to water, and water if on swamp next to water. However, if you dig on grass or […]

Some clean up of soul death, both in general and due to environmental factors on a tile. Fixed a bug in cleave, loot drops overriding item tiles, and carrying quest […]

Worked out lots of bugs including class conflict between quests and souls, pathing for quests in the overworld, compass removal on quest completion! Almost back to that sweet sweet let’s […]

Will start keeping a dev log. Today I colourized the world map, and noted creatures on it. This may all change but is currently useful for observing behaviour. I tidied up […]

Everyone now has global chat, but can only use it once per hour. The speaker has unlimited global chat. (Unless he’s a naughty speaker.)

Added a colour key for compasses, also applies to big map tiles. Added a quest cap of three, and a gradient of red compasses for each new one you get. Revised […]