A Fortnight of Quests

Added a colour key for compasses, also applies to big map tiles. Added a quest cap of three, and a gradient of red compasses for each new one you get. Revised map and compass colours for other geography.

Added the underworld quest, a gatekeeper who blocks the stairs to the underworld until you have completed 3 other quests.

Fixed some bugs in the godzilla quest like villagers not leaving their area and wolves spawning on top of buildings. Also several in the desert quest, one where the reservoir compass showed up regardless of subquest, one where not all 3 NPCs were being spawned. That one was intermittent, and thus a pain. Last one was a reservoir quest problem where hills could completely block canal digging. Added compasses for both quests, and can now automatically add a compass on soul spawn and remove on death.


Added an introductory NPC to the rat quest, put the cave a little ways away from start like the labyrinth. Then I modigied it so that tame rats “escape” the cave with you, so that the quest can still be completed if you feed a rat. This led to about 2 hours of work on quest plans and tile triggers. Fun!

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