Overworld Meta and Public Nudity

After a couple week’s work I have the first iteration of the metagame in place. There’s now a section of the final screen telling you what award you received, and awards are visible on the profile page.

feels pretty darn good getting your “nudist conduct” award


The system breaks down into items, kills, and conducts.

Items have three levels: Picking up an item, dying while holding an item, and winning the game while holding an item. Bronze, silver, gold. You can only get one per game (lower level items first), and you have to get them in medal-order.

Kills is simply killing a total of 1, 10, or 100 creatures for bronze-silver-gold status. Background grind.

Conducts are challenges you can impose on yourself during the game, like not using scrolls, food, or accessories. Not using armour goes by the name of nudity, proudly on display above.

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