Orc Race Is Best Race

The orc has a tough late game, because everything wants to murder him. My latest character was doing pretty well with an axe, chainmail, and heavy boots. I turned down a mace to maximize my damage potential.

So there I was battling two wolves, a bear, and an archer. Thanks to my chainmail and position of cover, only the bear was able to hurt me… but he was wearing me down, I had to clear space! With two swings of my might axe I cleaved the archer and one of the wolves in two, but the bear’s heavy paws had me at half a heart. To recuperate, I ducked into the archer’s hut, only to be confronted by a wizard! Even my mighty axe could not fell him before he read his terrible scroll!

I swung desperately… and in response, he chanted his dire incarnation. A sleep spell! How fortunate: though sent to la la land, his followup attack woke me immediately, while bouncing off my armour to deal no damage. With my next stroke I ended that wizard.

Pressing my advantage, I foolishly decided to ransack the hut without first resting. Just behind the wizard, a wasp lay on the wooden floor… sleeping soundly from the wizard’s spell! The perfect target for my heavy hobnail boots! Boldly I stomped over the sleeping insect… only to fall into a poison spike trap, oh no! Curse my aggression! My orc died on the wooden floor of that hut. The bright side? Since that wizard was my last bronze kill, I unlocked the dwarf race to play next time! STRIKE THE EARTH!


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