Escort Quest, infinite bug fixery

Just deployed the latest to prod after quite a dry spell. The build features a new quest where you must escort the princess across part of the overworld. It ties in lots of things nicely; there weren’t enough quests that took advantage of travelling in the Overworld itself, and the “tame” mechanism is heavily ingrained in the design at this point.

Also: NPC movement animations!

Going back over the gitlog, there’s nothing else that really demands a callout for the past couple of months. Caves have been reduced in size a bit, which made them a lot less labourious. I find the game overall is a lot smoother. Balance and debugging, these are the fruits of my labour.

Next up I loosely plan to add one a few more items and a fairly complex quest. After that I think it will be another pass of tool development, making the engine more standalone so I can do server-side validation. Peace!

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