Content Arc part 1: New Items

go shitty pixel scale!


  • Balloon – Gives flight, but pops first hit. Also breathe underwater.
  • Lantern – See hidden things in the forest, automatically get compasses in caves.
  • Mask – Defense up, but people hate you and animals fear you!
  • Pepper Shaker – Improvement on the salt shaker, affects all creatures on land with a 1st-hit sneeze. You sneeze too though, on eating.
  • Rope – Climb hills and mountains, and out of holes. Lasso fliers before you attack them.


  • Robe – Doesn’t add heat damage. Camouflage in the desert.
  • Ghillie – Hot and heavy like wearing animal hides, but camouflage in grass.


  • Cutlery – Low level blade like the dagger, but makes eating take no time.


  • Scroll of healing – Heals everyone around, gives you an extra boost.
  • Scroll of earth – Rocks fall down all around. Fliers are bumped, everything else is crushed.
  • Newspaper – Unusual scroll that gives you the ability to swat. Read it to put humans to sleep, does not consume on use.

Active Items

  • Bucket – Fill with water on water tiles. A full bucket prevents heat damage. Drinking water from a bucket cures poison.
  • Chile – Eat to receive half a heart damage, but cast weak fire and time spells.
  • Clover – Same as a leaf (eat to cure poison, coveted by animals), but also improves the contents of treasure chests.
  • Ice Cream – Eat to receive half a heart, and cast a weak ice spell.
  • Vial of poison – Adds poison to your attacks. Use to instantly poison surrounding creatures.

Fruit and veg now have multiple images for the same common item, this keeps it visually fresh.

Barbarian got a tweak, he can now wear armour OR have an offhand weapon. His berserk ability now heals, but he must have an offhand weapon to use it. He won’t eat fruit and vegetables (except chiles), he prefers “hearty” foods. His spells were all weakened. Orc’s spells were weakened too, due to some behind-the-scenes buffing.

Rocks are modeled as souls, so you can beat them up. Mostly they just get in the way, but they can crush small things. They all contain 1 coin. They aren’t super interesting, so there aren’t many of them around.

Content Arc, planned parts !!!

  1. Items
  2. Creatures
  3. Characters
  4. Quests

Go team this guy!

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