Santi Wishlist Update post 2.0

Note: Why waste copy, so I’ll just paste everything I ask Santi for here. Maybe his responses too if they’re good.


There’s one more item I need for balance: coat

It’ll fill a niche riiight between leather and hides. I need a lot of similar types of armour in that category, the 0.5 armour class, but as you know I like to use immediately recognizable real world objects.

They have relevant differences though. The hides add additional struggle (thus suck) and come off in the water like heavier armour. They are also the easiest to get, low level and coming from animals.

The leather is the original. No extra struggle or beyond-normal armour hotness, and large animals will drop it.

Coat will be the only purely man-made object, it’ll have the heat of hides (so deserts are tricky) but no additional special drawbacks, like leather.

When you do the snow tileset, coat and hides will offer better warmth than the leather armour.


Speaking of snow tileset, could you do a snowy cave as well? I don’t think there is any need for the shops or other buildings.. the castles reaches the edges so I could kind of have that resources.

Not 100% sure what the frigid north/south will hold yet, but it will be biome-appropriate creatures only. No lizards, snakes, etc.


I just noticed there’s a dude holding a gun in the creature tiles.. did I ask for that? I don’t remember!

spearman might be nice.

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