Possible tourist?

Possible tourist?

sweet dude

ha ha sure!

Neat! Nice to have an animated fatso


Gonna be so fun watching him trudging along without a care in the world

he’s prime for OW fanfiction

BTW flipflops should totally be starting item along with shirt

your say, but it’d be thoroughly thematic

yeah they are

I told you story about how flipflops / tourist were very proximate ideas

they were made for each other

he gets the unique “camera” item too

I thought flipflops were just a misunderstanding on my part?

he gets the only item without any stats at all too, the “shirt”

the camera’s pretty useful, it stuns everything around you for one turn

later on it will be an embedded social media hook.. in-game pics right to your FB wall etc.

sorry by “useful” I meant “useless”


the things will all attack you next turn anyway.

except turtles or things dying in the desert, it’s effective against them.

I assume, haven’t played it yet.

If you want to make it beyond useless, make it aggravate some critters

no I want tourist’s stuff to be mostly useless.

he’s a harder one to play.

but like a tourist, he can pick up and use all the things he finds.. so it evens out quickly I imagine

that’s how nethack does it

except in nethack you can enchant his shirt and it’s actually quite powerful end-game

it’s like an additional free armour slot.

hehe you remember to match the shirt he’s wearing to his item

I just checked.


Yeah. And yeah I remember about NH’s tourist shirt

it’s the only thing that can be worn under armor or somesuch and it can be enchanted just like anything else

There’s probably some way to get a shirt even if you’re not a tourist in NH. But if it takes a wish to do it, probably nobody is going to use a wish for that except as an experiment or bad idea


I haven’t decided how scroll of change will work yet.

Sep 24, 5:06 AM

Psiweapon • Sep 26, 7:05 AM

ha ha you were so taken with the tourist, you finished inking him first

oh samurai’s done too I guess

I need to polish off my current spate of bugs, and the farm quest

busy busy

Sep 26, 11:33 AM

Man why aren’t we having more testers? You’ve got a fuckton of a game there already

Psiweapon • Sep 27, 4:10 AM

don’t really need ’em..

don’t want EVERYONE in yet.

Sep 27, 6:36 AM

are you playing?

Sep 27, 9:35 AM

I’ve thought of some really fun stuff

I want guts terrain, super simple floor + wall, just so I can the interior of a whale.

and I also want wall lanterns, which will make dark cave levels way more fun.

ie. the stone wall terrain tile, with a lantern on it.

yes, it could be animated ?

it’s situational but.. this game is meant to be all situations

Sep 28, 6:34 AM

wow all that sounds super cool

Psiweapon • Sep 28, 11:12 AM

farm quest is basically done, finishing off a few bugs and I’ll send it live.

right now the thug gets ripped apart by all the farm animals..

might be fun to put the new characters in once this is done.

I am working towards a hiatus on new features and doing some infrastructure.

There’s a major thing I have to prototype before this can become a definite business.

wanna send me any completed sprites, samurai+werewolf+tourist? ?

how many hours left on your current time block, I can make sure you have enough to finish it off.

Oct 3, 5:47 AM

throw in the wall-mounted torch if you would, I’m excited for that. (terrain)

Oct 3, 6:49 AM

I’m like…. 14 hours left

Gonna get the JSON done for the new guys now

Psiweapon • Oct 5, 6:44 AM

ok so you need something fairly solid.

Oct 5, 9:22 AM

ok, so samurai and tourist are in

happy to report they are excellent as characters, again some fun little quirks come out

tourist is super touristy, starts out flat-footed and has to harden himself into an adventurer

I made him start with 3 coins, but generous to balance

samurai is fucking awesome, he’s basically right into the thick of the things, all the quests he gets are super difficult.

I was doing all right, almost recovered my tanko then got raped apart by sages and wolves

fun and flavourful both, bringing their games to the table

getting excited for thief, the only character that gets to steal his/her shit back from the monkey

Sun, 10:26 PM

I thought thief was going to be boring but I’m having so many ideas for him now, like lockpick and backstab

he’s so interesting I think I’ll do the simpler werewolf first.

9:36 AM

Fisherman, Librarian, Merchant.

rad, good stuff

there some complexity around the level meter, i remember we have to revisit

11:39 AM

I keep sneaking away to play tourist and samurai today.. both are the total fucking bomb and I realize why

They instantly drop you into the most intense action the game has. Samurai starts you on a level 5 quest instead of level 2 instantly, huge difference.

Tourist messes up your start conditions so badly, you’re immediately in the worst possible early game state: can’t do damage, vulnerable to monkeys, can’t swim properly

the tourist has to “discover” his adventurous side.. every time, in the first 3 minutes.

For me last game, it was when a monkey stole my starting flip-flops, affording me the agility to pummel him with my fists!

he still got away but it felt good, and gave me a start.

again, the game is firing on all cylinders.. it shows another facet that everything so far has built upon.

I don’t even feel like it’s mine anymore, this thing just exists.

lol it sounds awesome

So the samurai is top notch starting gear but higher difficulty or what?

Psiweapon • 5:00 PM

he is pretty solid yeah. The tanko is a reskin of chainmail, which you don’t get until level 7.

Even so, you can start in a lake and have to leave it there until you can find a horse to carry you.

the increased difficulty and pace are more than a match for the boost. Heavy armour is an advantage often neutralized.

5:52 PM

the werewolf is also fucking fascinating.

he gets some fun little easter eggs when he transforms inside a store.. normally they won’t even let him in.

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