Santiluv Vignettes

Tue, 9:46 AM
Here’s what kept me up last night: How can the centaur wear boots?

I might need a “horseshoes” alternate graphic..

boots are the only accessory kind of used by the lower body

and nagas can’t use accessories

Wed, 9:28 AM
ok.. Overworld pretty much just makes amazing situations every game now

the latest one was, I was a witch so I flew my broomstick on top of a mountain to hide from a dog and an old cat lady. Standard stuff, right?

Suddenly an infinity engine formed, where the cat lady kept spawning cats, the dog murdered them, and I would catch the buns and fruit and drop them in my cauldron to make spells.

I had a fishing rod to grab the food without leaving the mountain, that was part of it.

Wed, 11:19 AM
hallucinate in the works

should be pretty bananas.. probably really hard to deal with too ?



I was sitting here working on it, from like 4 am to 6

and I was like “man this is kind of hard, I hope this works”

just got the prototype done and oh my god it is eye candy to the max

I can’t wait to do a real graphics engine for this game. We’re rich man, rich.

I’m giving you stock in the company even if you don’t want it.

hehe the cutscenes get all hallucinated too

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