2021 Closing Notes

Overworld (Android open beta, trailer, website, reddit, discord)

Javascript/Mobile, 10 minute runs!

Hi all, happy new year! I haven’t posted here in months. Got a build I’m pretty happy with atm, always tweaks to make but there’s no time like the present. I’ll summarize recent changes.

New peaceful beasts Creatures get pretty even spawn chances (depending on biome), so adding in new beasts is sure to take away from existing market share. I added peaceful beasts heron, dolphin, and sea turtle. Clams and toadstools are new inerts, the latter spawns a tiny beast and the same can move onto the toadstool to hide themselves.

Tame beasts fight for you This was a big request, tame beasts do their best to follow you around and have always run interference. Now they will also attack your enemies, if certain conditions are met. (Adjacency, creature has attacked you.) The shepherd has always had tame beasts fight for her, those beasts now attack more aggressively for her (compared to non-shepherd attacks). It’s hard to communicate all the nuance of AI decisions, hopefully players will get the feel for it.

5×5 play grid This is older news but biggest/best change to the game in a while. Moving up from a 3×3 grid has improved gameplay a lot. It breaks from my original simplistic vision, but it was in the feedback enough that I decided to trust in the masses and it paid off hugely.

New item and beast intro Items and beasts in the status menus (like an encyclopedia) remain hidden now until they are seen in game. When they are seen for the first time, Tinsel (the tutorial hostess) appears with a blurb to introduce them.

Progress castle You get a castle now that reflects the amount of the game you’ve explored so far. It starts out as a naked mountain. As you achieve more medals reflecting mastery of various items and beasts, the castle undergoes construction (masonry, trestles, etc.) and is gradually completed.

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