PWEI – Def.Con.One

October 14th
I found the original of a song I like. Battle Mines makes reference to it on the Policy page. Leaping into action, I stuck it boldly to the man by ripping the song from the CD, encoding it, and uploading it to share with my friends.

Should be jailed for this… you guys know what to do.

Pop Will Eat Itself – Def.Con.One

Ten to doomsday, moving fast,
Heads up! Mind that blast.
No time to sleep, it's Defcon One.
Can't get no sleep as the ticking ticks on.
No time for fear, it's Defcon One.
No time to eat but get me some:

Big Mac, fries to go.
Get me Big Mac, fries to go.
Get me Big Mac, fries to go.
Get me Big Mac get me fries to go.
We love you all.
Hup! Hup! Heads up!
Ground floor, coming up.

How sick is Dick?
How gone is Ron?
How sick is Dick?
How gone is Ron?
What's the time? It's Defcon One!
Say, what's the time?
Just get me some:


Goodbye city, hello moon.
Hands up! Vote Doctor Doom!
You know it makes sense, it's Defcon One!
Hey what's occuring? What goes on?

It's the only choice.
It's the only choice.
So get me some:


Replace Big Mac with Food, add the voting system from GoG, and it sounds like they’re just plain old singing about Battle Mines. I think it should be the theme song.

Here’s an interesting tidbit I found: “This song is about the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore (comics and Moore were popular with PWEI and appear in other songs as well). ‘Big mac, fries to go’ refers to a point in the graphic novel where a character is eating just that before the end of the world.”

To round it off, here’s a cool site: Songs About Nuclear War from the Eighties

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