The IWI are introduced

IWI Crackdown, (did you fill out the correct form?) Motherfuckers.

Those illogical fusspots down at the IWI have come up with a new way to “punish” us Battle Miners: An extended bounty system! Check it out in The IWI and Bounties section of the docs.

In light of these changes, the “Most Vassals” scores have been reset. Congrats to xade who had attained a big fat 10, admittedly under different game rules. Current vassals will now only count x1, not x2, to overall score.

Fascists now receive +1 tithe item from each vassal. Instead of getting double scrap, they get none.
The Production Modifier for Capitalism has been relaxed from -4 to -2, still +2 for an Office Tower.
Anarchists will never pay any tithes to their hated rivals, the Fascists.

Aid packages can now be used by people with 15 buildings or less, up from 10.

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