The Legend of Xade


mysql> select name,homeland,resource from map where homeland like '%xade%';
| name     | homeland            | resource    |
| Goober   | South xadebrook     | uranium ore |
| Freesoul | Central xadebrook   | pig iron    |
| Jeong In | west xadebrook      | bauxite     |
| xade     | Northern xadebrook  | coal        |
| Throggg  | NorthEast xadebrook | sand        |
5 rows in set (0.00 sec)

It’s like a plague o’er the land, except instead of getting sick you just scratch your head and raise an eyebrow.

Power has been altered/simplified. The following is now true:

  • The Greenhouse uses one Power when it operates.
  • The first Refinery uses one Power.
  • The second Refinery uses two Power.
  • The Factory uses three Power.
  • Players without an Academy save one Power.
  • Players with a working Windmill save one Power per powered building.
  • Players with a working Solar Panel save one Power per powered building. (These are now cumulative on Windy days.)
  • Each Power spent (Fuel or Coal) causes one Pollution.
  • Power which is saved causes no Pollution.
  • Uranium Ore boosts Reactor Fuel by eight, down from ten. (Tech Level 11 has changed too.)
  • The above Power rules apply to Coal Refineries too; The base material cost for refining Diamonds is now 8 Coal. (Still 1 for all others.)

This new arrangement is more demanding on players with a well-developed territory. Play hard!

Idle players (>1 week) will now automatically have one trade posted during maintenance. It will be the base material they produce offered for a random base, in the normal mining ratio. They will also have their Firepower set to the number of Cannons they have.

Theocrats, citing irreconcilable ideological differences (same as always,) can now wage war with one another.

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