Do not panic

PSA: The “counter” method I use of preventing repeated commands is quite horribly flawed and somewhat inconsistent, fortunately on the side of safety. If you are getting repeat command errors, do not panic and rip my brains out reflexively. Instead, simply click again on the link in the side or top bars of the page you are submitting orders to, and repeat your command. If you were going to say something long winded on the Comm page, as is FREQUENTLY the case for your humble website administrator, copy the text of your statement before you submit, or for experts after the request begins to fail.

I also probably need to exercise some Zubin skills, and buy a newer machine.

Naturally doing some work on this is a high priority, but not number one!!! So~ just take a deep breath, follow the instructions above, and we can all eat, sleep, work, and peacefully live our lives, while secretly being Battle Miners to the rock solid core baby.

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