Battle Mines v2.0, 1st post

Launching the first try at the tech tree.

When I launch stuff, I will probably keep wiping all accounts for now. So just recreate your login whenever that happens. I will keep the weather sunny and the inventories large for now, so you can probably buy your way through the game and unlock everything as I fill it in. Expect that to change presently.

All the major parts of the game are in place, there should be nothing challenging left to do except one or two system overhauls and a bunch more logic. So, I will shoot for the first full map (16) player demo in May, that should be with 95% game functionality.

The month after I will do 3rd party social integration including map slot matching, and monetization.

I will be another month on beautification and documentation.

In summary:

March + April – Game code
May – 3rd party integration
June – Beautification and lore-writing

July is reserved for emergency/debugging/extra time.
So by August, the bucks better be rolling in or my name’s not Charlie.



Shoot, there’s a tutorial to do as well. Have to get that in. Rg! Go team me!

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