Introduced Items, and Flight

Yesterday and today I laid the groundwork for items. Items can be on the ground or in a soul’s inventory. If on the ground, there’s a limit of one per tile (like souls). Every item has a category like weapons, armour, scroll, etc. In an inventory, there can only be one item per category. When the hero moves over an item on the ground, they will automatically pick it up, dropping any same-category item in their inventory.

The hero now starts with a weapon category item, the dagger. All creatures drop swords. Items don’t do anything yet.

When total creatures are low compared to tiles in the world, new souls will randomly spawn around the edges.

Added a new creature stat, flight. This frees creatures from struggle, and they cannot be attacked unless they attacked last turn.
If another soul enters their tile while flying, they will be relocated (bumped) to a nearby empty tile.
To test, I introduced butterflies, a very low level peaceful creature.

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