Several bugs in movement

Derailed fixing a few bugs in movement:

  1. Struggling creatures were giving up if their struggle destination was not a movement option.. which it might have been if occupied by say a butterfly.
  2. Creatures were giving up early in the AI if they had no free movement options, before considering attacking neighbours. Now AI will run regardless.
  3. Forgetful creatures were forgetting the hero while struggling out of a swamp, then needing an extra action to become aware of him. Forgetfulness now takes two turns to resolve, though struggles may take more.. correct fix may be to not forget while struggling, will consider after feeling out this new mechanic.
  4. Aggressive creatures with a target were aborting AI if the target was not adjacent and nothing spotted. Now they will proceed with more AI, continuing a struggle for example. May want to rethink the logic around targets and entry gates for certain behavior.

Introduced another bug in fixing the last one where AI kept running after a move, yielding multiple moves for an aggressive creature. Had one last scare at the end when a dog completely ignored me, looked at the map and saw he was chasing a cat per design. 😉

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