Diverse additions

Fixed up some overlooked details. Beasts now route through fliers they can brush aside. The hero will automatically pick up a scroll from a tile where they use one. The hero will no longer exist on a map they portal away from, so that when they return they don’t clobber themselves. After a tile is changed by a scroll (ie. marsh to water, due to a scroll of water) it will kill creatures weak to that terrain and remove any items over water. Scrolls will be destroyed by the blast from a scroll of fire or water.

Introduced water traversal. Of the existing beasts, dogs and heros can currently enter the tile, cats cannot. (Butterflies simply fly over, of course.) Water is easy to enter and swim in, but a struggle to exit. If the hero is carrying a scroll when they enter water, it will be lost. Items dropped in water are lost. A water-exclusive beast was introduced, the fish.

Fixed up AI movement for smart movers, so that they will prefer moving to any navigable terrain, eg. avoiding both water and swamps. Introduced a new concept of terrain affinities to balance this for water-loving fish and future beasts.

Created a new category of items, armour. Leather provides some modest defense, chainmail a little more but prevents active swimming, and plate yet more but makes terrain struggles worse and will drown you if you fall in the water.

Creatures may now spawn hidden. This is appropriate, ie. tigers in the jungle not elephants in the desert. Hidden creatures can hate and fear and become aware of the hero, but otherwise will not move. If the hero bumps into a hidden creature by accident, the creature is revealed and the hero’s move is used up.

Added compasses for the stairs down, and for Phil the NPC.

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