Thy Steed Awaits

If a player’s steed is hit by a feared creature, the beast will make an attempt to flee on the player’s next turn. This will use up the player’s move. This may result in a chain of retreats.

Added the ability to ride a beast. A soul’s steed will be responsible for all traversal, but attacks are executed by the rider. A rider cannot be attacked, their steed will take all the hits, including consequences like poisoning. Movement effects (like desert exposure) are experienced by rider and steed alike. Added horses: high-HP, non-aggressive creatures. They are afraid of dogs and wolves.

It’s now possible to tame creatures by moving towards them while holding an item they love to eat. Horses love veggies, dogs and wolves love meat. A tamed creature will lose all aggressive characteristics. Some beasts, like horses, are automatically mounted when they are tamed.

Tile checks are run when your steed dies now. So for example, if you were wearing plate mail while in water, and your horse died, you would drown. Also, if your steed is hit or dies, your resting is interrupted. Beasts will now preferentially route toward their favourite foods, if visible on the ground in an adjacent tile. They will then spend a turn eating the food, restoring HP and curing poison as for the hero. Mounted beasts are better controlled, and will not exhibit this behaviour.

Non-aggressive creatures will now flee if they are attacked, as from a feared creature. This fear of an attacker is not currently persistent.


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