Some refactoring, many new items


Refactored attacks with a more elegant structure, in the process fixing bugs where a) victims would die before being pushed back, and b) NPCs could take cleave damage. Cut the existing shop over to use the new floor plan generation. Much more readable code, trust me. I also moved up a lot of the shop logic (for purchase and storage tiles) into a generic class called vendor. Implemented the ability to generate plans from encoded string descriptors, so that for set floorplans I can just draw them ascii-style and have them auto-generate. Used this new tool to debug some AI routing.

Introduced a new weapon, the mace, which has both cleave and pushback. Pretty good for cutting through swaths of enemies.

The bottle is now styled “bottle of water”, it moves to the misc item category and becomes consumable for 1 HP (while retaining its effect of mitigating desert exposure).

The carpet gives the hero the power of flight. This doesn’t work when mounted.

Bread works like veg, restoring 2 HP. When it is used, it leaves behind a bun, which also heals 2 HP. Birds like bread and buns.

The glasses allow you to see hidden creatures and attack them freely.

The ring halves costs in the shop, rounding up.

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