Feeling tired? Get some rest at the inn.

Added a new vendor, the inn. Currently empty, it appears next to the shop about 5 tiles out from center. It features a bedroom with a bed and two storage tiles. Moving onto the bed will let you spend the night for 2 coins. Doing so sets your HP to maximum plus one (4). There is bread for sale costing 1 coin. There’s also a stable with 3 horses, available as steeds 3 coins apiece. Horses are not replenished.

Resting is now interrupted if your steed is attacked.

I am ashamed to say it, but I struggled a few nights with an algorithm to place actors at good locations on a dungeon map. Finally got it tonight, my goodness. I think it was just a case of trying to program super tired, after a long day of programming. Co-worker said I look tired today. Z_Z

Birthday tomorrow!

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