Mucho Quest Work

Refactored  the minotaur cave into a full fledged labyrinth quest. Subquests include find the treasure, save the princess, and kill the minotaur.

Letter quest got some remodelling. It now precalculates possible boyfriend positions as a regional quest and scales with level. Also, the player can no longer delay the quest by avoiding talking to the first NPC. The player is addressed immediately, and the letter forced into their inventory. This will simplify play, as it did quest logic.

Updated the desert quest to scale based on level. Picks desert size, number of scorpions, and subquest like fetch the cog or kill the red scorpion. There’s now an NPC generator, desert quest character are procedurally generated.

The Godzilla quest now has scaling size, villagers, and monster. It is mostly ready for final balancing.

An additional check was added before initializing a quest, to check for things like level constraints.

Some love to the rat quest, now caves and other plans can init with a quest parameter in place. The cave now scales with the character level.

Also fixed a bug where octopi would flee after being hit. They were scared on the grounds they couldn’t navigate to where the hero was on land, overlooking that they could still hit with their tentacles.

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