New Beasts and Stats

Added the spikes stat, which causes attackers to receive damage. The cactus is immobile but spikey.

Added the slow stat, which causes a beast to take only the first of every two available actions. The turtle has a very hard shell (high defense) but is slow with a weak attack.

Also added fast, which gives the beast two actions for every one. There is no tick between these actions. The rabbit will not attack and is a very weak creature, but is fast and cowardly. The lizard is tiny and hard to hit, but fast and aggressive!

Added ambushing to some beasts like sharks and wolves, spiders will only ambush if you are in a trap (their web). If a creature has ambush and is aware of the hero, it will come out of hiding and attack. To compensate, the hero will no longer use up their action simply exposing a hidden creature, but will make an attack. The chances of creatures hiding has been reduced slightly, except in forests.

Added the goat: Good on mountainous terrain, has an attack with pushback, and eats the usual herbivore fare plus slight or small equipment items like scrolls, glasses, and boots!

Added the snake: A small and weak but venomous creature. It hides well and maneuvers all terrain. Several mid-sized creatures fear it.

Added the shark: A larger version of the fish with tracking.

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