EGLX Prep, Overworld Powering Up!

It’s been a busy week but my EGLX presentation is approaching content completeness. Now I just have to pretty it up and memorize it (which may well take another week).

This evening I’ll be burning Ubuntu and installing it on my wife’s old laptop, because the installation of Windows it has is so slow as to be functionally dead. I’ll then buy her a new laptop so I can take the old one to EGLX for people to play Overworld (or Battle Mines) on. I’m also planning to book the hotel rooms for me and my comrade’s stay.

Getting read to do that Mail Chimp campaign I talked about earlier.. also, Santi is churning many a rad graphic for Overworld! Here’s a preview of the items so far:


As you can see from this sprite map alone, the game is insanely awesome. Get hype y’all.

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