Banner Art

banner_resizeWork progresses apace on two fronts! First, preparations for the conference are pretty much complete. My talk is done, I just need some willing victims to endure it and offer critical feedback. I’ve reserved a mobile hotspot device to plug into my laptop and duck the $400 (!!!) wifi fee for the 3 days of conference we’ll need it for. Finally, Santiago has prepared this fantastic banner that I will have printed and display proudly at our booth!

On the Overworld development front, things are going fantastically! Jeremy has almost finished accounting for all movement on the map. Last night I added events for soul death, item pickup, and trap removal. The edge case of terrain change (scroll of fire, scroll of water) can be handled in the same way. It’s not finished but it’s already gorgeous as hell, I watched a bird chasing a butterfly beside me while fighting a dog last night! Super fun!

Stay tuned, great things y’all!

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