Private Alpha

Well, tonight’s the night.

I just sent the invitation emails, soon a couple dozen folks will be moseying over to see what I’ve been up to for a couple of years now. Feels great, everything is in place, I’ve assuaged every perfectionist tendency I can.

I spent a long night last night giving advanced closure compilation a try, but it’s really not feasible with pixi.js, without externs more recent than this guy’s.

The web portal is security holes aplenty since I threw it together in a couple of hours. The game’s only going out to a closed number of players for now though, and no contracts have been signed. For now it’s merely a well-timed Christmas present I was able get out the door. Modest scoreboard and forum are in place, will hopefully provide interesting and joyous offshoots from the main experience.

There are a couple of things I would solidly like to get into a build soon. One is providing a toggle for a more top-down orientation of the various status elements, which would better take up the vertical orientation of a mobile device. The other is a progression system, where you can complete a collection of objects by finding them in the game and doing things at various tiers with them. Fun!

Here’s some gratuitous in-game porn of me reading scrolls and swinging my axe around.


  1. could I please have a private alpha version of Overworld? If not I completely understand but please consider it.

        1. Well I’ve made a lot of progress, I’ve obfuscated the production code so it would be harder to exploit (though not much). I’m working on server-side game validation soon, and adding a lot of new content. I have these other little concerns like 2 kids and a full time job on the side so Overworld takes a back seat, also my artist is a slow punk.. but anyway, probably no open-ish beta for another year, but if you tell me about yourself I might be able to give you a login.

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