New Race: Fairy

Just played a fully debugged runthrough with the new fairy race character, which I barely won.

It’s hard to relate what a complete vindication of the game system it was to watch this character slip in. Every trait of the design I hoped could exhibit was exhibited, meaning not only does the character work the way I’d hoped but it works that way very reliably. Everything that was doable before is still doable, but in a different way than before.

I’m too tired to describe the experience and mechanics fully, so let’s try a poem.

Fairy flies while groundlings buffet (flying character)
Till he lands upon a tuffet (one strat: land on a hill to kite)
Then will he about him lash
Cutsey strikes but gently bash (weak character, no weapon. Always only 0.5 HP damage)
Flying, tiny, rarely hit (tiny size)
Serious should he get bit (2 HP)
Packing firepower much like none (can carry and choose from 4 scrolls)
Options, until options done (they do run out!)
Chest are tiresome, rarely sport (chests can give you many things fairies cannot pick up: armour, weapons, accessories)
Till many opened, then import (but chests will only give you one useless thing in each category)
Slight and light, but landing heavy (a landed flier must successfully move to take off)
Water sports are extra scary (landing in water will ruin all scrolls)

Flut and flit till day is done
Race and race, you’ve nearly won (end game is incredible with many large creatures requiring scroll burn)

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