Santi fairy update

dude fairy is the bomb, such a full fledged character.

The flying is super strong, and the witch will come soon who’ll probably have flying for much of the game too, so balancing flyers is important.

First of all, I brought his scroll count down from 4 to 3.

He had 4 because I thought he’d be underpowered and need a boost. Nope, nice appealing 3-count works better, with just a scroll of wind to start.

Grandma’s quest is unexpectedly easy, fairy seems to do well in most caves because he can always fly away.. ah, that gives me an idea

I will nerf fliers a bit, when they are completely boxed in. Anyway..

The other thing I’m doing is introducing some unique pain points. Frogs are going up to having full swat, which means they can 1-shot little halflings and fairies! (picture a swallow attack)

Halflings of course can normally 1-shot first, but fairies only do 0.5 damage, so they will hopefully be forced to burn a scroll.

These might lead to a few cheap, unexpected deaths. ?

 But I think that reflects the fragile nature of the character, and they are really OP right now!

I want more thing that isn’t an instadeath, but a serious pain in the side for the little flier: BEETLE

you gots to do me the beetle man, it’s becoming a strategic lynchpin for the overworld balance

it’s just a little character tile, gwaaan


it’ll actually make grandma’s quest way harder too, that will be good.

(don’t forget battle angle alita for the spread wings!)

btw fairy looks ok as a buzzy levitating thing

definitely a mad serious fairy, not a flipsy flopsy fairy

so fun to play.

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