Naga chat

Naga is starting to evolve.. I’m going to divide out hated and ugly stats a bit, change them around. Nagas aren’t ugly, they’re feared!

I think it will be ugly that stop the troll entering shops. So, that’s a cool clarification.

Also nagas I realize need to be carnivores, which is a new level of dietary restriction, maybe worse than the vegan elf.

So to balance I may give them “precision”, let them not miss smaller critters (as snakes tend not to).

Thu, 9:54 AM

So what would the difference between ugly, hated, feared be? (or between whatever degrees of social impairment you implement)

Psiweapon • Thu, 10:37 AM

yeah.. I have those adjectives, and a set of in-game effects

gotta redo some of em.

not sure yet

Thu, 12:28 PM

nice.. whole lot of those little transition bits for him to draw

Thu, 2:15 PM

more possible naga buffs include climbing, and big tummy

which would allow them to eat up to 4 hearts, balancing being a carnivore

the character is really coming into its own. It has lots of hooks into the existing world.

It’s another vindication of the framework.

Santiago you are a genius.

Thu, 2:52 PM

come on man don’t flatter me so much

I barely know how to do four things in life

well gee.

BTW big stomatch definitely sounds thematic

that’s over specialization, humans are big on that

oh dude, I’ve just put in all that stuff

feels great

have to search for meat, but eat it and get all big

hide out in the desert

hit shit with poison and run

it’s amazing

it all works.

draw more!

put beetle in a .json for me

I’m going to bed soon, ask anything you need

Yeah beetle and the other ones

like money or more compliments

ya ya

One thing I was considering. Don’t you think the critters file is growing way too big? Is splitting it an option worth considering?

I don’t mind doing all the restructuring myself, both graphics file and json

it could be yeah

but I’m not sure if it’d be an actual advantage

we could easily do it on level, and just load level 1 first

I just feel like it’s getting too darn big, that’s all

but please, don’t worry about any of that

anything we add is incremental.. shit like that we’d take care of in a business setting

we’re only supposed to have fun

and maybe like, build the core engines

no boring nonsense and labour

that’s fluff for later

um, yea.. I don’t want to confuse our current process, I like this

we’re being productive

it’s okay, it doesn’t worry me a lot

can your old computer not load up these files

are you get carp scrolling down


lol the two computers I’m using right now are respectively a year and half a year old


and the half year laptop just crapped out on me last week, the bastard

yeah I know you’re on the blistering fast mainframes now

oh noes

I like my new lappy

I have one at work that is nice but the ports blow

And the freaking hibernation feature wouldn’t let me access the main partition contents from linux, so now I have to let the repair shop void the warranty to even have a CHANCE at getting back from it hours and hours and hours of work

1) I’m not buying a Lenovo again
2) I’m back to having the main folder of pixel stuff into an USB drive
3) I’m not using the goddamn hibernation feature ever again


I’m literally role playing the naga as I test here

I’m like, hissing and spitting

at the other creatures

as I bite them and run

it’s so cool


with my reptilian mind

I’m finding all the strategies….

cool thing I discovered is nagas are kind of spellcasters too, ever though they eschew the accessories of the other races

their naturally elevated bodies position them above the water, protecting any scroll they happen to be carrying

they basically have a natural mount, like the upcoming centaur

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