Commercially Viable

I’m just going to paste in my email to the group. Very proud of the latest build, much love to Santiago Gonzalez.

Visual improvements

  • Revamped terrain
  • Movement timing
  • Attack animations

The terrain blending by Santi takes us dramatically out of pet project status and into commercial viability. Feels good. Next version will smooth out a few kinks, mostly around shops and caves where the edges remain hard.

Game features

  • Win streaks
  • Resume game
  • Game duration cap

Now you can exit the game or close the app, and resume to pick up where you left off. This goes hand in hand with tracking win streaks; fail to finish your game and you lose your streak. The rewind feature falls into place. Streaks will be a key component of the economic engine I’ll add next.

Capping duration is important because until now you could just run around in a safe building or cave and build up a super long/infinite game. This would be bad for server processing. It’s done through game mechanics, an unkillable god character will pursue you if you take too long to die or win.

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