Feature Rollout, Business Ramp-Up

Hi! There is a ton of stuff going on. Development on the game continues, and I’m starting to seriously look into the business side of things!

First off I may as well share this early playthrough video. I plan to make a better one soon, but check out this first take:

A lot of major features have been added to the game including:

  • Full tutorial
  • Difficulty levels
  • Coherent pixel resolution (graphical improvement)
  • In-game action menu, streamlining UX
  • New end-game screens, including a Rewind feature (reset to an early part of the game and try again)
  • Contextual attribute descriptions for heroes, beasts, and items

Not to mention countless bug fixes, dialogue revisions, and general improvements. Over the next few months I will build out the meta game, apply for funding, soft launch, then we’ll start a new graphics overhaul, and work towards our Tier-1 country release!

I love this game and I’m meeting fantastic people in the process of building it. Talk to me if you want to be a part of it!

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