Dodging and Poison

Added dodging. It is based purely on creature size. Almost all souls are a size two, very small insects like the butterfly and spider are a size one. There are currently no size threes, though we’d be talking dragon-level or greater. A smaller soul will dodge as many attacks from a larger soul as is the difference in their size, ie. When the hero attacks a spider (size 2 vs. size 1), the first attack will miss and the second will hit, and so on. Dodging prevents a poisoning attack.

Added poison. An attack from a venomous beast poisons regardless of other damage. A poisoned soul receives 0.5 damage on the second of every two turns for six turns. Re-poisoning does not change the damage timing but resets the count of damage to be incurred. Poison prevents any benefit of resting. Data was added for the spider but not yet tested.

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