Oh no, wolves!

Changed AI so that beasts can be aware of the hero, but if not adjacent and they haven’t seen their quarry in the past turn, they will be unable to chase him or her. Tracking is a new trait that counteracts this, allowing aware beasts to follow the hero. The wolf is a new beast with this ability, while the dog doesn’t track but loses its forgetfulness. Wolves are also the first beasts able to cross mountains.

Fixed a bug in a very basic distance calculation. I was taking distance between tiles as the minimum number of moves required, rather than the city block distance. This was making wolves do rather poorly in their tracking.

Added a visibility property to tiles, so that they can be created (on pregen maps) but not shown on the player’s minimap until actually encountered. Aquatic creatures (defined with those having an affinity for water) are now prevented from jumping out onto special tiles (which will be primarily land-based).

Fleshed out more logic for traps. Traps are not visible until stepped on. Some creatures are immune to some traps. Created the web trap, which adds one to traverse struggle. Spiders now spin webs in surrounding traversable tiles as they lie in wait for the hero. Traps are now revealed when an adjacent beast stumbles into them. A fire spell will now clean out webs, as might be expected.

Eating food now cures poison.

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