Game engine structure taking shape

Introduced a basic, weighted spawn system for various portal types in the plot. Inns, shops, caves, and stairs will now spawn following a certain set of rules. These rules will probably get refined over time.

Introduced a new meta/governing class, Plot. This will do things like keeping track of time, balancing out any luck-based elements, and deciding when to spawn special material like inns, shops, dungeons, and quest-bearing NPCs.

Removed all the hard-wired special spawns in preparation of using this new tool, started tracking special spawn locations and times.

Clarified some special state rules: Flyers land if they attack a non-flyer, or rest. They will remain grounded until their next action. Their next traversal is based on their landed state, that means a flyer must successfully move to take off again. I stopped flyers from resting for now, or they would sit around quite vulnerable most of the time. If a soul attacks, they will not be hidden until their next action.

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