Grindin’ out that code

More cleanup of variable names and other minor stuff. Wish I could write it perfectly the first time.

Introduced a new creature stat, vision, which allows them to see hidden creatures. This is the same as the glasses item. Gave vision to water creatures, mainly because of a situation where the snorkel-equipped hero was hiding from fishes.

Fixed a bug where steeds poisoned to zero HP weren’t dying properly. Who wants to ride an undead pegasus? 😉

I moved the decision to spawn a new portal earlier in the tile-reveal process. Now the information becomes a part of the plan, rather than going directly down on the map. This makes it easier for me to adapt a plan on the fly, since all the information is in the same place. References now revolve around map type, rather than the entrance tile type. A portal still denotes a tile that leads to another map, but it’s in less heavy use under the hood now.

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