Leveled Items, Taming, and the Rat Cave

Changed spawning so that low level beasts can still pop out later in the game. Added level ratings to items, and made some groupings for loot. Beasts can either be tiny, small, large, or human. Items likewise get tags but can have multiples. So for example, a ring may be dropped by a human or a small creature, but meat can only be dropped by a large creature. Most items (manufactured) are only dropped by humans, but there are no humans in the game yet other than the villagers in Godzilla’s village.

Fixed a bug in pushback where it would work on a miss, and one where pushback worked into impassable terrain. More controls on how quest creatures can move on the map.

Restructured for beast subclasses on behaviour as well as type. Introduced a new stat, tame, which is the antithesis of aggressive. Tame creatures will route towards the hero, but not attack.

Laid the groundwork for a new sort of cave, one filled with rats! Rats are cowards which means they flee from something that attacks them on a previous turn. They are also small, and have appropriate relationships with cats. Made this rat cave usable as an optional quest where the rats have to be cleared out. Hoping this kind of modularity will add to replayability. The quest has knowledge of how many rats are left, and shows a compass to the nearest one.

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